We have been kids and now we have kids! The ever inquisitive kid’s brain led us into various mischiefs and adventure. From exploring the way back home while returning from school to close inspection of the seemingly exciting parks and shops around- we have done it all and the next generation would too. But are the times as safe now, when there would always be a kind-hearted uncle or aunty to escort us back if we ever got lost? With the present set of challenges brought about by the changing time, there needs to be a smarter solution than locking our kids up in schools, homes, and within our tight gaze. Bitoodle recognizes the zealous kid’s spirit and is bringing a modern solution to modern problems. Our new pioneering GPS tracking enabled smart shoes are the boon for modern parenting. Track your kid’s location LIVE!

What are Smart Shoes?

Keeping the famous kid from Dhara advertisement in our heart- the one who leaves home but returns at the prospect of some hot jalebis, Bitoodle has developed a better way to track you kid- just in case the ever loving postmaster uncle is unavailable. Our Smart Shoes, with GPS chip embedded, enables you to track your kid’s live location on your mobile. And even better is the fact that no matter your kid jumps, rough-houses or decides to plunge feet into puddles, the smart shoes live tracking feature remains active. It is sturdy, durable and shock proof!

Features of Smart Shoes:

● GPS embedded shoes that offer live tracking

● Sturdy, waterproof, and shockproof

● Allows kids to play rough and run. GPS would still be active

● Reliable tracking technology with zero glitches

● Facility to keep a track on your kid’s movement from your phone, computer, laptop or ipad

● Smart aesthetically pleasing design that would appeal to kids as well

● Can be customized as per the design approved by school.

● Friendly and responsible customer support. We are always ready to help.

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